One month

I’ve been Swallow’s owner for a month.  My life aboard her has been going well as I learn her peculiarities.

There is a growing list of wants and needs.  I am taking time to learn more about Swallow before making any significant purchases or changes as the bank account isn’t limitless and some things that I may think need adjusting may/will become accepted.

I’m staying at Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, for a few days.  The boating season is in full swing and anchorages are busy – sadly here in the San Juan Islands large ostentatious powerboats creating large wakes in the channels with too-large tenders zipping around the anchorage.  In a month, after Labor Day, things will thankfully quiet down.

In a few days I’ll cross into Canada and enjoy the Gulf Islands.  I’ll also need to go shopping as my food stores will be depleted – the last if the fresh vegetables will be eaten today.

A busy spider making a web on SWALLOW’s bowsprit.

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