Latenight visitor

Clunk … clunk bang clunk clunk … thump bump clunk … snort bump snort.

It is oh-dark-thirty and Momma Kitty’s eyes are larger than her head and her tail looks like it could be used to wash a 2-liter soda bottle.

Snort snort snort …

I woke up at the first thump (captain sleeping with one ear open) and know Swallow has a boarder … more exactly Swallow’s dinghy has a boarder.

I climb out of the warm berth and grab a flashlight.  I slide open the companionway hatch and turn the flashlight beam onto the dinghy.  The harbor seal gives me one look and slither-hops out of the dinghy into the water with a splash.

Boarder successfully repelled I close the hatch, stow the flashlight and slide back into the berth.  Momma Kitty sits at the companionway ladder for a while longer and then returns to bed.

Just another night when living aboard.

Sorry no pictures but here is one of the dinghy being towed –


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