Late summer

Labor Day has passed.  I’m noticing there are fewer boats around.

Bedwell Harbour sunset.

The weather seems to have noticed summer is getting near its end and  some real rain may fall over the next five or more days.  Since May there hasn’t been much rain … only a couple of days where I put on rain gear – and that was only for a few hours!

It is getting cooler and the days shorter.  After six in the morning before I turn off the anchor light, and it goes on just after 8pm.  A couple of mornings this past week it has been 50-degeees.

Momma Kitty and I look at a cruising guide for destination suggestions.

The plan, as much as there is one, is to spend about another week, or so, in the Gulf and Vancouver Islands.  I’ll be meeting my dad at Butchart Gardens next week to look at the last of the summer flowers.  After that it is to the San Juan Islands, WA State.  Puget Sound in October.  A haul out for Swallow is alao in the works as she needs a more effective antifouling paint applied (she is getting a fuzzy bottom).

Shoreline at Annette Inlet, Prevost Island Gulf Islands, BC.

Today I went grocery shopping at Port Browning. I may stay here a few days to get the laundry done and take a shower.  The simple pleasures of living on a boat.

Bought myself a beer at the Port Browning Marina pub.

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