VHF weather radio

I like collecting the weather forecast by listening to VHF radio.  I do this each morning and evening.

Where is WX channel 2

Thing is the marine safety radio broadcasting is not well supported – lack of listeners and most people likely collect the information with their cell phone.  Problem with government thinking that this is a workable solution is getting a cell signal is not guaranteed.  I’ve been in many locations with no cell coverage – and I’m not really that for off the beaten path!

Automated reading of the forecast is spread across channels that are for different zones, or areas, of the Salish Sea.  (I’m old and remember when a person actually read the forecast not a computer!)  For the Gulf Islands the channel that covers the area is #2.  This summer the channel has been off the air more than it has been broadcasting.  Listening to another channel isn’t a solution as some relevant information isn’t shared.  Frustrating!

Low clouds and and a chilly wind sailing through Navy Channel, Gulf Islands, Salish Sea, BC, Canada.

Yes I do collect the forecast using my phone if needed.  But, as I wrote above, there has been times I’ve had incomplete information as Channel 2 isn’t broadcasting and the cellphone isn’t connected to the Internet.

Sadly repairing the failure of channel two isn’t a priority – as I type this it has been off the air for five days.

2 thoughts on “VHF weather radio

  1. Really fun following your travels. We have a Monty 15. Liked all your posts and pictures. We have done a bit of sailing and cruising. Pretty much all over the world. Over 20,000 miles for sure under sail. Being residents of Wa. We know the Gulf Islands and San Juans really well. If you really plan to spend the winter on your boat I have have a couple comments. Rain is a pain. You really want to be in the rain shadow of Mt. Olympus. Huge difference in rain totals. If I was you and really wanted to winter over, I would probably go to Fishermans Bay on Lopez Island either ancher out or get a slip. Nice town, good walking and biking, tennis, and only 15 inches of rain. No snow. If I were you, I would haul your boat somewhere safe and head South for the winter.


    1. Rick: Yes, winter rain is something expecting and plan for. I’ve still not decided where to winter. Considerations also include shelter, closeness to shopping and cost. I have no income so the bank account balance is only going one direction!


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