Rainy days

Two weeks ago Mother Nature went from summer to fall with no transition.  It was sunny and warm one day and the next are chilly, windy and wet.

Damp low clouds at Tod Inlet, Vancouver Island, BC.

The winds have been blowing consistently out of the south, a very good indicator in the Pacific Northwest that the season has transitioned.  Summer is light northerlies and the wet and wind in fall/winter/spring is from the southerly.*

My dad came over from the US to visit for a few days.  As it was raining and chilly we opted to do indoor activities instead of walking Butchart Guardens.  One day in Victoria and another going to an aviation museum at the Victoria International Airport by Sidney.  He also brought me some mail and grocery items I couldn’t find here in the Gulf Islands – Momma Kitty’s food for one!

With the chilly wet weather the number of boaters has dropped so anchorages are emptying out.  This has made anchorages more rustic in feel.

For the last few days I’ve been hunkered down staying out of the rain. The wood stove makes the cabin comfortable with a nice dry heat.  Heating the boat does mean I need to go ashore and scavenge wood.

Navigator Stove Works Sardine woodstove keeping SWALLOW’S cabin toasty warm.

The time aboard is enjoyable: reading, a TV show or movie on the Kindle, listening to the radio while listening to the wind blow and rain falling on the deck.

Momma Kitty curled up for reading time.

The next move is going back to the San Juan Islands.  If the weather gets no worse I’ll gunkhole around until October before returning to Puget Sound.

SWALLOW at Brentwood Bay Marina.

* Yes I have simplified how weather works the PNW.

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