A strong bit of high pressure, 1028 mB on SWALLOW’S barometer when I did the morning check, has settled in and providing the San Juan Islands some glorious weather.

Sunrise at Fossil Bay, Sucia Island, San Juan Islands, Salish Sea.

The crowds of people and boats has thinned so the bays and inlets are more empty and seemingly more wild. The ‘die hards’ continue to cruise and we recognize each other as we move around the Salish Sea.

Weather such as this is a gift as Fall is settling in with chilly nights and the wind has a chill even mid-day. In the morning I wake and start a warming fire in the woodstove – besides taking out the chill it dries the cabin.

The first evening at Sucia a family of otters visited SWALLOW while fishing for their dinner Momma Kitty was curious and cautious during the encounter –

* The highest barometer reading I’ve recorded since 1 May ’18 when I first started taking daily readings on SWEET PEA.

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