Five months

Today I, and Momma Kitty, have been living a boat for five months (2.5 on SWEET PEA and now 2.5 on SWALLOW).

Momma Kitty finds some sunshine to get the chill out of her bones.

As Fall settles in around the Salish Sea meaning every few days a front comes through bringing stronger winds for a a few hours or a day. Last night a front transited bringing gusty winds from about midnight till 7am (as I write this the wind has calmed to just a few knots). After a very dry summer the rain pattern has returned to more normal – more often than not it rains at some point during the day (it is the PNW!).

Currently at Fishermans Bay on the western side of Lopez Island. Needing to go to a grocery store so planning to walk to Lopez Village and see what I find. Walking is a big part of living on a boat.

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