Just floating

As Fall’s chill and damp intensifies my enthusiasm to explore decreases. This is because being cold and wet isn’t fun when getting warm and dry is challenging.

Fog at Oro Bay.

Warming my self isn’t to difficult as I can eat, have a warm drink and snuggle with Momma Kitty. Drying things that get wet is more challenging as SWALLOW is never 100% dry. Her wood construction means she is much dryer than a fiberglass boat, but there are corners of the boat that even the woodstove’s dry heat can’t keep dry. As a result many things have that damp-ish feeling and mold is a problem.

As a result I’m staying at places longer as I can stay below and thus dry and warmer. I have plenty of books to read and if I have a good cell data connection more reading material is downloaded onto the Kindle.

Momma Kitty enjoys a sunbreak on the foredeck.

I spent an enjoyable week at Oro Bay, Anderson Island. I was the only person there (all other resident boats are either abandoned or vacant). Even the Tacoma/Bremerton Yacht Clubs’ outstation dock was unused.

Sunset at quiet Oro Bay.

I’ve moved to Jarrell Cove State Park and SWALLOW is the only boat at present. This usually busy location is now seemingly my own.

SWALLOW at the empty Jarrell Cove State Park Dock.

The only negative is that the shower facilities are closed for renovations.

Foodstuffs and boat supplies are getting low so in a few days I intend to head to Olympia. Besides shopping I look forward to doing laundry and taking a shower!

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