Amazing day

I experienced something that I didn’t expect in Puget Sound – dolphins swimming in SWALLOW’S bow wave. YES! Dolphins in Puget Sound.

It seems there is a small group of Long-beaked Common Dolphins in South Puget Sound. Details –

Unusual marine mammal sighting: long-beaked common dolphins

This group is significantly out of the species usual range.

Dolphins off the bow!
Delphinus capensis is this species scientific name

For an amazing 20 minutes near Herron Island, Case Inlet, I enjoyed their company. An absolutely joyful time!

Momma Kitty was a bit excited with the dolphin’s visit.

In communicating with a marine scientist this group likes the waters of Case Inlet and Herron Island. Maybe in your travels around South Puget Sound you can also receive a visit from this group!

One thought on “Amazing day

  1. Great post Dave! Just yesterday I read this passage from Chapter 12 of Sterling Hayden’s book, Wanderer.

    “Oh the magic of those words! Free as a cloud she goes, with the sun
    in the east a brass balloon and the shadows adrift in her lee,
    undulating shadows that swell and collapse in convoluted patterns.
    Beneath her bows play the porpoise—rending the sea, trailing scarves
    of stillborn bubbles, lunging sideways in ecstasy, breaching at intervals the blue sky dome of their dark subsurface world; then, grown impatient with the plodding of the ship, they turn and and stampede toward the east—hurdlers of hollows and crests”

    Well done you and Momma Kitty with the video capture.

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