Dry heat

One of many reasons I purchased SWALLOW as my floating home is her woodstove.

The SARDINE woodstove.

As the cold damp fall weather has settled in I’ve really liked having a source of dry heat. The woodstove’s heat doesn’t produce water as part of the combustion process like propane and alcohol heaters. When using the woodstove any condensation in the main cabin is dried, including that on the bronze portholes!

Momma Kitty enjoying the dry heat.

Having a woodstove isn’t without problems: it is a fire in a small place; collecting and storing dry wood and firestarter; smoke; cleaning the stove pipe and disposing of the firebox ashes.

One specific issue with the woodstove on SWALLOW is the location of the charlie Noble (chimney): located forward the mast and will catch the headsail. There is no guard protecting the sail from hitting the charlie noble so it needs to be removed prior to sailing.

The charlie noble at the forward port side of the house.

So a future project, boats are all about future projects!, is seeing what a welder can create to protect the charlie noble from the headsail … nothing that money can’t solve! 😆

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