Four months

On July 24 ’18 I relaunched SWALLOW. In the four months since we have traveled the Gulf Islands of Canada and sailed the southern portions of Puget Sound Washington State. We are now currently visiting Poulsbo at Liberty Bay.

Poulsbo’s public marina has a new sign.
Got myself a haircut – first since early August.

Prior to coming to this fun Norwegian themed town I spent some time at Blake Island State Park.

Momma Kitty enjoys some mid-Fall sun on SWALLOW’S deck.
Interesting knots in the docks.
Mt. Rainier looking big and bold.

The weather has been warmer than normal for this time of year. Daytime temps near 50. Depending on the cloud cover overnight the mercury falls to the low 40s (clouds) or mid 30s (clear). It had been relatively dry.

A weather system comes through every few days. The wind prediction and tides define when I head to a different location.

As I type this the wind is blowing, in the gusts SWALLOW heals to the wind, and rain is falling. A nice fire burns in the woodstove making the cabin warm a dry. Momma Kitty is curled up on my lap. A lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving evening.

2 thoughts on “Four months

  1. Ahoy Dave! Had to do some lookin to figure out where you went after not seeing you last Fall. Sounds as if you and the cat have found a new home and started a new chapter in your lives.

    After you mentioned to me that I reminded you of the bass player I had to use the Wayback machine to track down ‘Spinal Tap’! I finally found it airing on a local tv station this past June! ‘This is Spinal Tap, mock rockumentry’1984. It is Loaded with actors and actresses from the 1980’s! I thought it was very funny, and a great pop culture reference Dave!

    Best of luck with your new adventure aboard your new vessel. Look forward to reading this blog while my blown out knee recovers. Fair Winds, Gene

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