To Port Townsend

Not really a cruise but a repositioning. SWALLOW needs fresh bottom paint and a few other maintenance tasks completed. I’ll do this work in Port Townsend so I’ve left Poulsbo and headed north.

Winter travel means finding a weather window. The current pattern is a couple of days of strong winds, usually small craft advisory or gale strength, followed by a day or two of calmer weather. Rain isn’t a consideration as it is PNW winter and rain is a constant!😆

Complicating the travel is the tide. Some locations it is best to transit with the current. This means that some good weather needs to happen with a complementary tide.

The tide and weather cycles matched up for me to travel north the last days of the year.

Low clouds at Liberty Bay as SWALLOW departs Poulsbo.

The current was slightly against as the trip started. I saw up to -1.5 to 2 knots while transiting Agate Pass. This is a short section so I wasn’t ‘on a treadmill” for long.

Now back in the main channel of Puget Sound I turned north passing Kingston and Point No Point.

Point No Point lighthouse.

The tide turned in to my favor as I approached Point No Point giving SWALLOW a push of one to two knots. The clouds also cleared making the chill air a bit more bearable. Light winds did come up out of the south to southwest meant no sailing – though I did motorsail for just over an hour.

The overnight stop was Port Ludlow where I anchored. It became cold as the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains, just after 4pm, so I started the woodstove.

Momma Kitty enjoys some rare winter sunshine at Port Ludlow.

After a good night sleep Momma Kitty and I woke to a chilly cabin. After relighting the woodstove a comfortable breakfast at anchor was enjoyed.

Departing Port Ludlow – Olympic Mountains have some snow!

Departing Ludlow had a -1 knot current against. With a light northerly feeling like it was blowing directly off the artic I was well bundled in tow stocking hats and two jackets. The current hadn’t turned, as forecast, in Port Townsend Canal being -.5 to 1 knot against. The crossing of Port Townsend Bay was chilly in the 5kt northerly.

Great to see Port Townsend!

It is now time to haul out and do some boat work.

Happy New Year everyone!

One thought on “To Port Townsend

  1. Happy New Year Dave, good luck with the boat projects. Stay warm, you’re welcome to come to south Florida for a warm up if you’d like, got two boats in the water a house. Take care


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