What’s happening?

Hello all. It has been a few weeks, almost two months, since the last update.  Reason – not much to update upon as Momma Kitty and I are still away from SWALLOW.  We have been land traveling visiting friends and family.



If you are interested in the details of my land travels check out my truck camper BLOG –



I’m now in Denver clearing up some last things relating to my land based life.  Task is to unload/sell/donate all of my home furniture and do another purge of my boxed possessions.  Upon reduced the ‘collection of stuff’ Momma Kitty and I will be returning to SWALLOW.

While away from the PNW the weather has been very ‘winter’ –

winter storms continued pummeling the Northwest. Seattle’s metro area has already been hit by three snowstorms in February, making it the snowiest month in Seattle in more than 50 years.

The snowiest month on record was January 1950 when the region received 57.2 inches.

While this month may become Seattle’s snowiest February on record, as it stands with a total of 20.2 inches about one third of the way through

SOURCE: https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/snowiest-february-in-more-than-100-years-continues-for-seattle-as-northwest-slammed-with-snow-again/70007422

Glad to have missed the winter weather in Seattle – wouldn’t have been able to work on SWALLOW with the cold and snow.

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