Sanding and more sanding

The weather is feeling very spring-like so I have gone to work on SWALLOW’S brightwork.

I scraped off all the loose varnish from the toe and cap rails. I also scraped the rubrail – though I’m going to let that wood slowly de-varnish itself and in the future treat with teakoil.

Sanded, taped and ready for varnish.

Once the brightwork was sanded I taped the edges and have now applied three coats of varnish.

I’m experimenting by using Pettit SeaGold. This is a water based product that dries quickly and cleans up with water. I was happy with how well it performed after a ‘quick and dirty’ application to the transom and rudder head last early fall.

Momma Kitty inspects my work. SeaGold went in easily and was dry to touch a few hours after application. Only four coats left to do!

I’ll report on this SeaGold ‘full test’ as 2019 progresses.

More sanding is in my future: the bottom needs antifouling and I’ll be raising the waterline by three inches.

If that isn’t enough there is also have touchup to do on the upper hull and cabin. Plenty of detail work to do!

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