I’m losing my fingerprints

Sanding continues. My hands are sore and my fingerprints have diminished – I have difficulty using the fingerprint reader to unlock my cellphone!

The toe & caprail, stem, bowsprit and transom are done. The boomkin is at a pause as I debate a change to the mainsheet hardware (more in this later).

Transom looking good.

I sanded off the flaking old varnish on the rubrail and will leave it natural. As more varnish fails I’ll do more sanding. When the varnish is gone I’ll begin treating this wood with teak oil.

Toe & cap rails are varnished and the rubrail is sanded.

The outboard is in the shop being checked and serviced. I’ve removed the motor mount wood bracket and have removed what remained of the varnish and am treating it with teak oil – this will be much easier to maintain.

Outboard bracket motor mounting board after stripping off the old varnish and a couple coats of teak oil.

The new Egyptian sail cloth colored (aka, cream) sails have been put on and look great! Thanks to Harry at Elliott Pattison Sailmakers for all the help – I’ll report on how SWALLOW performs with her new canvas.

New 130% genoa for the furler.
Main has a full top batten and a loose foot.

SWALLOW’S bottom is staring me in the face as the next large project – more sanding!

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