And more sanding

This almost record dry March has allowed me to keep at sanding SWALLOW’s topsides. At first this project was going to be few touchups … but once started the project has grown. Yeah, a common story with boats!

First sanding of the bow.
More sanding along the port side.
In some locations can see SWALLOW’S cedar hull.

I’ve been working steadily at getting primer/filler above waterline in preparation to but on fresh paint. The hope is I’ll be able to get a finish coat of paint done before the weather pattern changes.

Bow after a couple of sessions of sanding and primer.
More primer and sanding.

Still coming is the below waterline antifouling. I’m still waiting for the paint as what I’ll be using, Hydrocoat ECO, isn’t available locally. There is also prepping the bottom before painting: remove rust from keel shoe, seal the steel, and then primer. Also want to do some fairing in a few locations, followed by more primer. I’m also raising the waterline.

Between sanding and priming I’ve done some electrical reworkings: removed the never used stereo & speakers, installed a new group 27 battery (replacement of an old group 24) and put the VHF on its own circuit so I don’t need to run the depth sounder at the same time.

I’ve also, I hope, repaired the companionway leak. I’ve filled a couple of cracks with epoxy.

Cracks that I believe allowed a drip that falls right onto my berth.
The crack filled with epoxy.
Another suspect crack filled with thickened epoxy.

Each night after a full workday I sleep well!

Momma Kitty catches up on lap time.

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