A big jump forward

After days of sanding and priming and even more sanding and priming the first coat of Interlux Brightside paint is now on SWALLOW’S topsides.

I applied the paint using the ‘roll and tip’ method. From 10′ away it looks great. As I’ve had my nose inches from her hull for days I can spot the imperfections. This project now feels like it having forward motion! Such a shame I’ll be sanding it again so I can put on the second coat. (laugh)

Working outdoors has its bonuses – ten minutes after I finished the first bugs landed on the still sticky finish.

A bug in the fresh paint … DAMN!

One thought on “A big jump forward

  1. Ha! I remember doing this huge contract varnish job. While there is no thing as an actual finish coat I had laid my 14th coat and it was the best cover I have ever done. I went to breakfast to celebrate and called the owner. An hour later we both walked to the boat and hundreds of thousands of Knats had kamikazied my work. I’ve been taking a boat work vacation so now I feel guilty about doing nothing for a week while you are getting shit done.

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