Back to sanding

With the topsides done I’ve begun prepping SWALLOW’S bottom for antifouling paint.

So far I’ve sanded topside paint off the hull from the current waterline up to the new 3″ higher line.

Along most of he bottom of her keel SWALLOW has a steel shoe. The lowest gudgeon and pintle are also steel (rest of the hull hardware is mari bronze). Steel obviously rusts in Puget Sound’s saltwater. I’ve removed existing rust and treated these locations with Pettit RustLok.

The steel shoe. The taped off area is where the anti-electrolysis zinc anode goes.
The lower gudgeon and pintle prepped with RustLok.

With the above completed I next applied one coat of Pettit’s Protect barrier coat to the new waterline areas and over the steel pieces painted with RustLok.

Forward progress with painting.
Keel amidships looking good.
Rudder and aft sections ready for more painting prep.

Not done yet! Along the interface between the steel shoe and keel in places there is a slight gap. I’ve filled this with Pettit EZ-Fair (in the above photos EZ-Fair is the white stuff along the bottom of the keel). Once this epoxy product kicks I’ll sand things smooth and it will be time, when it stops raining, for more coats of Protect barrier coat.

Clouds and rain return to Port Townsend.

2 thoughts on “Back to sanding

  1. I’m curious about the Pettit RustLok; I worked on my galvanized trailer last year and used ZRC Galvanizing Compound. It seems to have worked well except in one spot that I’m planning on redoing. Do you think that Pettie RustLok would work better? Not sure I want to switch given the amount of ZRC left in the can but curious. The boat looks good. How long are you planning on living aboard?


    1. Curtis: I don’t know as until I see how SWALLOW’S steel parts look in a couple of years (I hope to go that long till the next haulout). IMO use what you have.


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