SWALLOW is back on the water! Even though I was on the waiting list to launch I was floating at 1045am.

The good luck of an early launching didn’t hold as the outboard acted up and the motor when back into the shop.

Last December I found the motor would cold start just fine but after 30 seconds, so warming up but not running temp, would idle slower and slower then stall. Now it would be hard to start. I felt confident servicing during the haulout would solve the issue.

The service tech found a problem, broken idle controller, and said all is good. Nope. The motor fired up fine while SWALLOW was still in the slings – then the same symptoms began!

Honda 8 goes back into the shop.

SWALLOW now is without a motor in a temporary moorage. If the motor isn’t working by Monday afternoon some creative things need to happen as the owner of the slip returns on Tuesday.

SWALLOW and the dingy afloat!

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