One year

Twelve months ago I started my liveaboard life.

My old boat: Montgomery 17 #375 SWEET PEA

Since then I have changed boats, gained a Montgomery 6’8″ dinghy and disposed of most of my possessions. Sadly 99% of my efforts to sell my things has failed so a lot of very high quality stuff has been donated to charity. Had hoped for some bit of money to go towards freedom chips. This is a great example that most of what we spend money on is worthless crap.

The dinghy! Hull #650 built by Jerry Montgomery.

I’m happy and looking forward to another year afloat and gunkholing around the Salish Sea.

At this moment a frustration is the Honda outboard as it isn’t running and I’m STILL tied to a dock at Port Townsend!

SWALLOW’S empty motor mount waiting the Honda outboard to be repaired.

The motor failure has essentially removed the equivalent of a very nice solar panel system from of SWALLOW’S decks … or forced me to go back to work/servitude a couple months earlier than I wish/want/forced. I’ll also have no trust in the motor after this and it will be some time before I don’t stress each time in need to use the damn thing.

My dad is coming over to visit me for a couple of days. Be nice to have him distract me from thinking about the outboard.

My dad.

4 thoughts on “One year

  1. A good skulling oar and a tohotsu 6 may be in your future, Honda’s seem to fall hard when that sad time comes, Yamahas seem to be the best but they don’t offer anything reasonable for a small sailboat. I keep thinking the new 2 strokes will be re introduced in the states but if not I very may well go to Canada to get one. In 33 years of sailing all my 2 strokes have been flawless while my 4’s are always suspect to fuel issues


    1. In the end everyone has a motor complaint. I’ve heard too many people with Tohatsu carb problems. I’ve had good luck with Hondas over the past 15 years. Motors are like photocopiers – they have a sensor that makes them fail just when you need them to work! 😆

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      1. With Tohotsu as I’m painfully aware, it’s a fuel issue, not a design issue. I’ve heard Honda has a little brain and when they start to go there is hell to pay. My dream is electric although I just don’t see it in the cards in this decade. Still though, carrying no fuel is my dream. My new boat will have a diesel which is in my opinion the absolute worst way to go but I’m no Larry Pardey 🙂


  2. 1 year already–wow, time does fly. Good luck with your OB. I hope you’re set free soon. And thanks for 12 months’ worth of blog post. I’ve enjoyed following your adventures. Even learned a thing or two.

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