The crossing

I didn’t pack a baliset … (Anyone get the reference?)

Passing by Port Townsend on the way to Point Wilson and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
San Juan Islands in distance.

The forecasts said 10-20 from the SE was to be expected. I experienced 10-12 kts leaving Port Townsend Bay and Admiralty Inlet but very light to none the rest of the way.

Momma Kitty takes the helm watch as I make lunch below.

I went straight north to Rosario Strait and then entered Lopez Sound through Lopez Pass.

Lopez Island!
Lopez Pass.

So after an uneventful crossing of the Strait of Juan de Fuca SWALLOW, Dave and Momma Kitty are in the San Juan Islands!

I’ve set the anchor in Hunter Bay. The location has good holding and protected from all but really strong northerly winds.

Mt. Baker as seen from Lopez Sound.

A good bit of wind blew from the west and southwest the past couple of nights. Being in the lee of Lopez Island means the seas don’t build up. The rigging did whistle through the nights!

Today it is chilly and raining. To warm SWALLOW’S cabin I started the woodstove.

Over the winter refit added a damper to the stove pipe for more efficient wood burning.

Besides reading and just being a unemployable boat bum the plan is to move to Spencer Spit for a few days and then go over to the west side if Lopez Island and visit Fisherman Bay, visit with some liveaboards, take a shower and do some grocery shopping.

A Canadian flagged junk schooner sails around SWALLOW at Hunter Bay.

2 thoughts on “The crossing

  1. I think Gurney could help you with the Baliset?
    You seeing the Junk Schooner made me think of China Cloud, famous junk and the couple who owned it some years ago.
    Oh, a Sardine, beautiful set-up!
    Very nice boat.


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