Enjoying the quiet

Just spending time on the hook. Relearning how to just relax and be in the moment. After the months spent in the boat yard, with each day having multiple tasks to be done, it is a transition to just taking it easy.

After a couple of days at Hunter Bay sailed north a few miles to Spencer Spit State Park. While there dropped off some garbage and recycling along with dumping the porta potty.

Morning fog at Spencer Spit.

With groceries getting low motored around Lopez Island to Fisherman Bay. There wasn’t much wind and needed to charge the batteries so no sailing.

Anchored off of Lopez Islander Resort docks. This anchorage is crowded, mainly with unused mooring buoys. This makes finding a place a bit challenging. I arrived before the rush of Memorial Day boaters so had good options.

Lopez Islander Resort docks.

Went shopping at Lopez Village. Splurged and had beer at the Islander Resort bar while using their WiFi. Was also able to take a shower – simple luxury!

The holiday weekend saw a rush of boats even with a cool and rainy Saturday. I spent in SWALLOW’S cabin comfortable with the woodstove putting out dry heat.

Heating water for coffee as the wood stove warmed the cabin .

After the weekend I moved to Blind Bay, Shaw Island. This a popular place but not developed like Fisherman Bay.

The house batteries needed charging and motored in very light wind. It is a short trip so only ran the Honda for 90 minutes. Really wished I had some solar panels!

Ferry and fog at Orcas Island as seen from Blind Bay.

Blind Bay is a pretty spot. During the day wakes come in from Harney Channel. Wind can blow here as a low spot on Shaw Island is open to San Juan Channel and magnifies southerlies. The bay is small-ish so waves don’t build up much. Holding is good.

Went for a row stopping at the Shaw Island General Store. There is a coffee bar at the back and I drifted around there for bit. The staff seemed a bit put-off by me being in the store so I didn’t buy anything. They never even asked if I wanted a coffee!

Shaw Island Post Office and General Store.

Coming back to SWALLOW I rowed around the resident boats in the eastern portion of Blind Bay. Some very nice boats … and sadly a growing number of abandoned craft.

I’ve now moved to Garrison Bay to be near English Camp. Interesting history here about the ‘Pig War’ and how the San Juan Islands became US territory.

Coming here motored through Wasp Passage, staying out of the way of a ferry, and did some sailing in San Juan Channel. At Spieden Channel the wind died and current turned against SWALLOW, 2.5 knots!, so motored into Roche Harbor to buy gas, collect water, and offload garbage, recycling and the porta potty.

WA State ferry passing SWALLOW in Wasp Passage.
Yachts of the rich and shameless at Roche Harbor.

Fog blew in from Haro Strait and for a bit I was worried I’d have to anchor at Roche. As I approached Mosquito Pass the haze lifted.

Momma Kitty checks out Garrison Bay.

Garrison Bay is shallow. Enough water for SWALLOW, but I confirmed depth before anchoring as a series of minus tides begin this weekend.

Back 100+ years ago Garrison Bay was a much deeper anchorage. The bay silted in after the San Juan Islands were logged. Humans can’t change the environment – right!?!?! 😡

After the weekend I will go looking for a grocery store, laundromat, shower, etc. at Friday Harbor.

Momma Kitty and Dave enjoying the San Juan Islands.

3 thoughts on “Enjoying the quiet

  1. Sounds nice and relaxing Dave. You’ve earned it! What are your plans for the summer? Im getting ready to take the big boat over to Indiantown for hurricane season and readying the Sage 17 for a trailer up to Lake Ontario for the summer. Should be fun. Enjoy your time, Dale


  2. I’ll be gunkholing around the Islands. As much as a plan as I need.

    Put the boat big boat in a safe place. Storms seem to be getting stronger.

    Have fun on the S17!


  3. This entry in your Blog (Thank you) prompted me to compile a possible In-Port checklist, as follows….
    1) Gas – Refill
    2) Water – Refill
    3) Potty – Empty
    4) Food – Buy and/or Eat
    5) Laundry – Do
    6) Garbage – Empty
    7) Email – check
    8) Bills – Pay
    9) Shower – Take
    10) Parts/Equipment – Buy

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