So far 2019, in my opinion, has had cooler and windier days than normal. Most definitely compared to last year; which was dryer and hotter than normal. More wind means more sailing, so that is nice.

2018 photo shows smokey skies from the many forest fires in British Columbia.

Last night a good blow came through the central Gulf Islands. At times SWALLOW was heeled over enough to cause a few items to clang as they shifted.

SWALLOW’S ground tackle (anchor, chain and rode) held just fine, though I did check through the night.

A friend and his family happened to be cruising the area on a large powerboat and we visited over the past couple of days. They commented on the overnight wind stating they didn’t sleep well with the noise and motion.

The wind is still coming predominantly from the south v. the seasonly normal Northwest, meaning many of the Gulf Islands anchorages are exposed. With stronger winds folks, smartly, look for protected locations. The result is the fewer in number southerly protected gunkholes are crowded.

I’m wondering if the usual summer pattern will arrive? If it does arrive will it be short or will it extend into the fall?

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