Momma Kitty can’t take pictures

Wonderful sail yesterday going from Port Browning, North Pender Island BC, to Annette Inlet, Prevost Island BC. Wind blowing 5-15kts and gusting maybe 18kts at times.

Leaving P. Browning the unsettled wind was 10-12kts gusting 15kts channeled east into the Browning and Plumper Sound over South Pender Island. I raised the main with one reef and fully unrolled the genoa to 135%.

Raymarine has the helm!

Entering Navy Channel conditions lightened to 3-5kts gusting 10kts. I shook the reef out of the main.

Once around the north end of Pender wind on the nose southerly in Swanson Channel 12-15 gusting 18kts. I reefed the main and set the genoa at 110% then 90% then something like 75%. Avoided three BC ferries tacking into wind blowing against the current making for some big chop that SWALLOW buried her nose into a few times – the side decks had water running! One series hit the forward hatch house sending spray across the cabin to the cockpit. Exciting!

One of the medium sized BC Ferries (photo from a few weeks ago in much calmer conditions).

After three tacks rounded SE point of Prevost Island and turned up Captain Passage with the wind going to 5-8kts gusting 10kt. Shook out the reef in main and rolled out the genoa for a run to the entrance of Annette Inlet.

Sadly no pictures or videos of the excited bits … I had my hands full and Momma Kitty can’t take pictures.

The wind conditions, overall, still have a spring-like feel: from the southwest and gusting, not the consistency of the usual summer 5-10 northwesterlies.

Was a great sail and I was able to anchor at my favorite spot upon arrival at Annette Inlet.

Sunsets are great at Annette Inlet.

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