Different wind

The weather remains non-typical: mostly southerly and strong for the season. This isn’t a bad thing as there has been more rain (than last year), average temperatures (cooler than last year) and fewer forest fires.

Smokey skies of 2018.

I’ve been able to sail quite a bit – which is kinda’ the point of having a sailboat as a home!

(The above Instagram post also has a video!)

I believe the clear air has more people out boating. The past couple of weeks the anchorages have been filled with all sorts of craft.

Montague Hbr filled with boats.

In general I don’t have anyplace I need to be so I’ve been playing the winds and moving between my favorite Gulf Islands anchorages.

In a few days I’ll be going to Nanaimo to ‘see the town’. My dad is also coming over from the US to visit. The ‘fog of August’ has been present some mornings. I’m hoping not to be fogged in the morning I plan to transit Dodd Narrows.

Momma Kitty catnapping while I sail SWALLOW to another anchorage.

2 thoughts on “Different wind

  1. In Dodd’s stay well in the centre it gets shallow quickly in some stretches and out of nowhere you find a rock just below the surface I just finished a claim on a powerboat (2fr draft) who hit a rock for hugging to starboard of the markers.


    1. The only charted rock I noted was on the SE side at the narrowest part (noted at .6 meters at low low tide). Nothing else, to my way of navigating, seemed much of a danger … I guess some boaters are willing to go really close to shore.


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