Anchor sets

A few days ago I didn’t feel as if the anchor set well – just a feeling on how SWALLOW moved while backing down on the anchor. I watched her swing and checked the GPS to see if she was staying put. She was.

SWALLOW’S primary and secondary anchors.

For few hours yesterday mid-afternoon it blew in the low to middle teens. SWALLOW stayed put.

This morning, after a windless night, I woke up and looked out the hatch. SWALLOW seemed to have moved overnight, but not in relation to a boat that had anchored near her yesterday afternoon. I checked the GPS and she was off the mark I had set a few days before. Seems we both dragged!

When the boat that was anchored near departed (they were set to close for my tastes to begin with) I moved SWALLOW. The anchor came up easily – it wasn’t well set! I moved back to where I preferred to be and SWALLOW came up quickly when I backed down on the anchor. ‘Knock on wood’ I now have a good set.

This is the second time in a row I’ve not had a good anchor set. I had the same feeling about the anchor in Clam Bay – though SWALLOW didn’t move overnight.

Lots of boats anchored at Clam Bay, Thetis Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Not all anchor sets are perfect so it isn’t a surprise that I had one that dragged. It is a bit disturbing that two sets in a row were not good.

I’m bothered when people don’t watch their sets nor seem aware of swing (boats don’t all swing in concert!) and add more safety room … in case they or another craft drags. A month ago I and another boater rescued a boat that was drifting through an anchorage – the boat’s owner had set a 1:1 scope and gone out paddleboarding.

Momma Kitty checks that SWALLOW is safely anchored during her evening walk of the deck.

So I’m again hoping the anchor is staying where it is put – I’m knocking on wood!

3 thoughts on “Anchor sets

  1. Do you back your anchor in with power. “ Even if you sail in to anchor, I always start the engine and really set the anchor.” Hal Roth….


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