Liveaboard test

I’m a member of a fair number of Facebook groups and Internet forums for liveaboards. These gatherings of folks are made up predominantly of non-liveaboards so it makes for some interesting perspectives on what living on a boat is like.

Momma Kitty catches a few rays of rare Fall 2019 sunshine.

Most liveaboards I personally know are ‘mostly’ on the boat ‘most of the year’. I believe this is a regional thing as the PNW wet winter makes being aboard full time a challenge in mold control – even if one is living at a dock. I read more from over-winter full-timers that are in warmer climate.

I’m part of a sub-group that spends most of the year not at a dock. Being at anchor is much cheaper than a dock and it usually is quieter with better scenery. As I’m currently unemployable I also don’t have reason to be at any specific location.

My plan, as I did a year ago, is to gunkhole around until mid-ish November and then find a marina that allows for off-season long term, at a significant discount, docking. Most marinas are also more lax in allowing liveaboards over the winter. I’ll then spend the majority of the winter landside staying with family and friends and doing some traveling in my truck and camper. I know many PNW liveaboards that do similar.

The truck and camper.

Am I a ‘full-time’ liveaboard? Momma Kitty and I have not slept anyplace but our quarterberth on SWALLOW since mid-March. We plan to do so till mid-ish November (depends on what Mother Nature decides – so far Fall has been more like Puget Sound Winter).

Rainy and windy early Fall day at Port Ludlow.

On the forums and Facebook some say they are liveaboards if they spend a couple of weeks cruising. To me, no, you are not a liveaboard.

How long must someone stay aboard to ‘qualify’, or ‘quantify’, as a liveaboard?

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