Bundled up

Damn it is cold for this time of year!

A year ago I was doing touch-up paint and varnish on SWALLOW. This year it has been overcast, chilly-to-cold, and rainy. This unseasonably chilly and wet pattern starting in the late spring and really never changed. Yes it was warmer in August but not the usual clear skies sunny and hot.

What will Winter bring? The initial long-term forecasts were for normal temps and rain. So far Fall feels like Winter and will Winter bring Yukon-like cold and snow?! October has has been ‘Coldtober’.

Point No Point lighthouse with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Had a wonderful sail from Port Ludlow to Blake Island. It was sunny and as SWALLOW was running before the wind the cold and chill Northerly breeze wasn’t to bad – though I was wearing three socks, raingear pants, pants, long underwear tops, heavy shirt, sweater a light raingear top (for a windbreaker), a stocking cap and heavy gloves.

Momma Kitty catches some sun on SWALLOW’S sidedeck during the sail to Blake Island.

Upon arriving at the Blake Island State Park marina I found it full because people are filling 70′ slips by tying their 30′ boat in the middle. ASSHOLES!! There were also three 55+ foot boats taking 1/2 the space. DAMN!!

So no evening shower for Dave. Glad I following my rule of getting water when I can – I filled up at Port Ludlow while also dumping the trash (sadly no recycling station at Ludlow’s marina, ☹️, so SWALLOW still has two bags full of recyclables aboard).

I’ve tied up to buoy on the south side of Blake Island. This will keep me out of the Northerly wind, but the buoys at Blake suck as they have no protection from wakes – a WA State Ferry passes every 20 minutes or so from 5am till midnight; so often you don’t even notice! 😆

Plan to try the marina again tomorrow. If still full I’ll head south to Gig Harbor.

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