Weather timing

The cold and dry temps are now breaking into a wet and slightly more seasonal, ‘chilly’, normal temperatures. This pattern usually means a couple of days of wind, usually southerly, and rain followed by a day of calmer conditions.

Olympic Mountains at sunset as seen from a buoy on the SW side if Blake Island State Park.

I spent one night on a buoy at Blake Island State Park. The next day at noon I returned to the marina and found a space. I enjoyed a hot shower (though the person(s) cleaning the showers seem to be scared of the scrub brush or washing the shower curtain – State Park staff can do better!).

SWALLOW at the Blake Island marina docks.

The marina at Blake is very busy and has been full every night. This is a popular place. I find it strange that the State allows seven-day stays here versus the three-day limit at all other marine parks. I don’t understand the thinking – IMO less popular parks should allow longer stays.

A blood-red sunrise at Blake Island.

After the Columbus Day weekend I’ll head for Gig Harbor and wait out the forecast wind & rain storms. When there is a break I’ll pass through Tacoma Narrows into South Puget Sound.

Momma Kitty finds drinking water from the sink is better than the same water in her bowl.

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