Drag …

Again!! SWALLOW drug her anchor even after I felt it was very well set – backed down and the bow swung strongly to the anchor. A few hours later strong gusts came up and after about an hour of this I noticed the mast of another boat where it shouldn’t have been. SWALLOW had moved a few 100-feet. I moved and again set the anchor. It seems to be holding though overnight I slept with one eye open and kept the GPS on for quick location checks. I wasn’t the only boat that moved. A ‘resident derelict’ also drug and is now on the beach.

Sailboat on the beach.

I don’t know why SWALLOW’S anchor tripped. The wind gusts were not that high, mid-20s; and the actual windspeed was below 10 knots. Was it the gusty winter winds I wrote about before? Was SWALLOW slack on the rode and snapped hard in a gust(s)?

A longer wind event is forecast for this afternoon and through the night. The average windspeed isn’t supposed to be much above 10knts but the gusts will be above 20kts.Looks like another night with one eye open!

7 thoughts on “Drag …

  1. Hi Dave,
    Not that it helps at the moment,
    But I have several anchors you are welcome to have if you ever travel to the east coast.
    I used all four in Key West during the 1993 “storm of the century” and the boat stopped dragging when the fourth was deployed. The fourth was a herreshoff style fisherman.
    Fair winds,

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