Just meandering

The mid-to-late Fall weather has been nice. Not normal but nice in that it has been dry. Dry and cold is easier to live in v. cold and wet.

SWALLOW at Jarrell Cove State Park.

I’ve always preferred cold to hot. One can do things to get warm: exercise, more and better insulating clothes, a good hat, good socks, have a hot drink or food, start the woodstove.

Hot days are harder, for me, to be comfortable as you can only take off so much clothing and then you are stuck naked and still hot. I do better in dry heat v. humid locations. I really disliked late spring and summer when I lived in Missouri, Illinois and Ohio. It is this dislike of humidity why I have little interest in cruising the tropics.

The builders and prior owners of SWALLOW gave me a bunch of firewood last week when I stopped in Olympia. SWALLOW’s cabin has been comfortable as a result. Unfortunately wood runs out so when and for how long I use the woodstove is debated each time. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine hordes and closely monitored her use of contraceptive sponges:

(OK maybe not exactly the same; though still funny.)

I enjoyed my time in South Puget Sound. I’m now heading back into Central Puget Sound.