The vagaries of late fall weather has made November and thus far December one of the driest on record. The temps have been normal for this time of year: in the 40s daytime and high 30s or 40s nightime. Dry cold makes it is easier to stay comfortable, though condensation is a challenge in SWALLOW’s quarter-berths – these being the only spaces aboard having limited airflow.

As done in 2018 at this time of year SWALLOW is tied to a dock and settled in for a Winter nap. Momma Kitty and I have moved back ashore into a family-couch-surfing situation. In January we will do some adventuring in the truck camper.

No haulout is planned for 2020 and expecting to be back aboard in mid-to-late March, depending on how the Spring weather develops, to begin some boat upgrades followed by gunkholing around Puget Sound. Plans for 2020 cruising north of the Strait of Juan de Fuca will be made this Winter.

Being ashore I’ve been visiting doctors and getting all my body’s systems checked. So far no surprises. New glasses are on order – saltwater is hard on lenses. Momma Kitty will also visit her vet.

Momma Kitty claims a chair as her own during a shoreside visit with family.

4 thoughts on “Dockside

  1. Interesting that at the time you wrote this, you’d no idea of the calamity that was about to befall the world, and as well, upset the plans you’d mentioned for the upcoming months.


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