Back in the Pacific Northwest

After extending my and Momma Kitty’s stay in Arizona by two months we have returned to greater Seattle. The drive from Phoenix was uneventful, though the observance of social distancing and mask wearing guidelines was lacking.

Crowded and unmasked truck stop in Utah.

The overdue visit to check SWALLOW has happened and all seems good –

  • Dry bilge – not a drop!
  • No mold inside or out.
  • Cabin is good and clean; as I left it back in January. (Just a few cobwebs as is normal for the PNW.)
  • No new leaks!
  • All sail covers and other canvas looks fine showing no rips or stains.
  • Antifouling paint is looking OK. Need to find a diver to check the zinc and scrub some bottom scum though.
  • Brightwork isn’t as bad as I expected so when dryer weather arrives will do some sanding and varnishing. The handrails and rub-rails need sanding and teak oil.
  • Batteries were at 12.8v (I didn’t have 120v active while away). Happy with their state after five months sitting. Battery charger is now powered and charging.
  • A few spots of Interlux Brightside paint at the bow are pealing. I need to touch up dings from last year so will add these to that task. Guess my sanding and/or cleaning wasn’t satisfactory in a few locations during last Spring’s topsides painting.
  • Motor fired up fine and ran it for 30 minutes. Needs servicing: oil, filter and general check.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Pacific Northwest

  1. Hi Dave…..I have a Monty 15 now and have done extensive ocean cruising in my past. Have you ever thought about going for a longer cruise in your boat? Mexico? Pacific? Alaska? Our boat before the Monty was a 22 C-Dory and we did Alaska, Bahamas, whole East Coast, Lake Powell, etc,etc…..It’s a big world out there.


    1. Alaska is on the bucket list. I’d like, not sure about in SWALLOW, to do some ocean crossings. Honestly don’t have much interest in hot tropical locations though.


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