Back aboard

In mid November ’19 Momma Kitty and I moved ashore thinking we would be back aboard in mid-to-late March ’20. That didn’t happen as Mother Nature brought Corvid-19.

Momma Kitty back aboard her floating home.

We are now back aboard SWALLOW and I’ve chosen to remain at a marina as the regional CV-19 status is worsening and fewer people are taking precautions to reduce infecting others. Staying at a marina isn’t a preferred decision but one that makes the most sense as if we leave the we could find ourselves unable to find a place that would allow us to get water, dump the potti or restock food & supplies.

In getting settled I’ve been unable to locate a few items … the most frustrating is my stocking cap seems to have gone missing. I’m at a loss for where it has been put as it isn’t in any bin, the clothing duffel nor in the truck nor camper. (Admittedly this isn’t a big thing.)

I’m also having to relearn where everything is stored and once again needing to hand-wash the dishes.

Dishes cleaned and drying.

My prior practice when in a marina would be to use the shore-side head. This is an enclosed space I’m not excited about using; so I’m using SWALLOW’s head – no big deal but requires weekly, or so, dumping.

There is also the need to bathe. I’ve gone extended periods not using a formal shower as on SWALLOW I wipe down nightly with a baby wipe and every week wash my hair in the cockpit. The latter isn’t really appropriate nor appreciated in a marina. My thinking is to take a shower late in the evening to avoid people and allow the air in the restroom to clear. (This wouldn’t be as big an issue if folks would wear masks … they are not! 😠)

As expected the marina WiFi sucks as it doesn’t have the appropriate capacity for the number people staying in the marina. Even the local cell tower becames overwhelmed Friday afternoons and thru the weekend. All from a large population coming over from the east side of Puget Sound to the rural Olympic Peninsula.

There are plenty of tasks to keep me busy: brightwork, painting hull dings gathered last year, electrical upgrade (solar? A few strategical placed 12-volt and/or USB power-ports in the cabin?), getting the keel zinc replaced, getting the outboard serviced, etc.

Besides keeping SWALLOW shipshape I have two large bins of books to read and a Kindle for ebooks, music, TV & movies (if I download first as streaming isn’t possible).

So, life aboard restarts … in a pandemic-modifed way.

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