Damn scammers!

The reality is the Internet is increasingly filled with scammers, spammers and untruth. I just became aware that there is a scammer/spammer/low-life/bottom-dweller/scum attempting to impersonate me on Instagram. The usual game: creates username similar to the victim and scrapes some images from the real account.

So, anyone reading this and followers, please, if you receive anything from a scoobsccobie (note the incorrect name spelling) ignore and report the account as FAKE. (Please be sure not to report my real account, @scoobscobie.)

In other news I, and therefore Momma Kitty, are getting the itch to return to SWALLOW. The weather has turned to spring: warming days, more sun, and chilly/cold nights. Two years ago I was busy in the boat yard redoing SWALLOW’s topside paint, bottom antifouling and brightwork. Last year was still in Arizona during the first COVID lockdown.

There are always some tasks to do on the boat: cleaning, brightwork, upgrades. The one thing that I’m trying to figure is how to get the motor serviced. It cannot be done on the boat, the motor is to much for me to lift alone (aka, get off the transom), and the motor shops are slammed with huge numbers of service requests. COVID has made this all more of a challenge as so many new boat owners have overwhelmed all services.

2 thoughts on “Damn scammers!

    1. usually the low life scum are trying to phish for information or running scams. in this case the asshat was pitching a COVID check scam.

      it seems that Insta/FB has deleted the account so hoping no more of this.

      the safe thing is always to confirm what is going on if you receive a new friend request from someone that you know already has an account and/or if you receive a message that seems odd or strange (for that friend). in this case a long time friend sent me a note, not using the FB/Insta messaging system, asking if for some reason i had a new Insta account etc.

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