Momma Kitty can’t take pictures

Wonderful sail yesterday going from Port Browning, North Pender Island BC, to Annette Inlet, Prevost Island BC. Wind blowing 5-15kts and gusting maybe 18kts at times. Leaving P. Browning the unsettled wind was 10-12kts gusting 15kts channeled east into the Browning and Plumper Sound over South Pender Island. I raised the main with one reef … Continue reading Momma Kitty can’t take pictures


Another one of those amazing things that happens when spending time on the water - whale spotting! I saw this humpback whale feeding near Tolvia Shoal south of Tacoma Narrows. It is rare to find humpbacks this far south in Puget Sound. It was inspiring to watch this giant creature calmly swimming through these inland … Continue reading Whale!

Amazing day

I experienced something that I didn't expect in Puget Sound - dolphins swimming in SWALLOW'S bow wave. YES! Dolphins in Puget Sound. It seems there is a small group of Long-beaked Common Dolphins in South Puget Sound. Details - Unusual marine mammal sighting: long-beaked common dolphins This group is significantly out of the species … Continue reading Amazing day